Federal Conciliator appointed for Aeroplan

Federal Conciliator appointed for Aeroplan

February 26, 2016 at 12:00 PM

Mr. Richard Pagé, Federal Conciliator, has been assigned to mediate the bargaining dispute between Unifor Local 2002 and Aeroplan.
Since October 14, 2015, the bargaining committee and leadership of Unifor have met with the company on several occasions in an attempt to bargain a new collective agreement. While discussions were productive, both sides were unable to come to an agreement.  As a result, on February 5, 2016, both parties filed to the Federal Labour Board for conciliation.
The current collective agreement expired November 14, 2015.
Next steps in the conciliation process:
  • The appointed officer meets with both parties over a 60-day period to facilitate negotiations.

  • If the parties feel they are close to reaching a resolution they may agree to extend the conciliation period. If not, the parties enter a 21-day “cooling off period” and the officer reports back to the Minister of Labour.

  • While in conciliation, the company may not lock out the employees and the union may not go on strike. Strike action is only ever taken as a last resort and after certain conditions (such as a strike vote and 72-hours advance notice) are met.
Local 2002 has a booklet entitled Workplace Power: Elements of Collective Bargaining that explains the bargaining process more fully. If you would like a copy of the booklet, or have any further questions, please contact Josée Genois, Assistant to the Local President.
Unifor Local 2002 represents more than 400 members at Aeroplan in Vancouver and Montreal who book airline rewards for customers, answer customer service questions related to online bookings and support customers with their online transactions.
The bargaining committee would like to thank you for your patience and support during this time. Although dates for conciliation meetings have not been set, we will continue to keep you informed of any updates as they are made available. Please ensure that you have subscribed to Unifor 2002’s e-news service at www.unifor2002.org.
In solidarity,
Your bargaining committee
Ross McConkey
Vince De Sua
Alenka Karkling
Stephen Lussier
Cheryl Robinson, Unifor Local 2002 President
Josée Genois, Assistant to the Local President
Leslie Dias, National Representative

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Workplace Power: Elements of Collective Bargaining
Aeroplan Communicator: Federal Conciliator approinted for Aerpolan