EVAS Pilots update

EVAS Pilots update

October 14, 2016 at 4:00 PM

Since your collective agreement was ratified in February 2016, Local 2002 continues to work towards a fair and respectful work environment for our members at EVAS. The following is an update on issues that we have resolved such as: sick days, cargo pilots, first revenue flights, flying schedules and recurrent training bonds.

The Value of a Sick Day
The company was not calculating the value of a work day as it related to monthly/annual salaries per Guaranteed Days Off (GDO). We are pleased to advise you that on June 1, 2016 we reached an agreement on this issue.
Now, when you take a sick day, the calculation used to arrive at the daily rate is:  Your annual gross salary, divided by the number of days you are required to work each year (30 days per month less your particular GDO based on company seniority.
For example: Susie is a first officer and is entitled to 10 GDO’s per monthly 30 days as per Article 6 in the collective agreement. Her annual salary is $30,600. In twelve monthly cycles she works 240 days. Her gross salary of $30,600 divided by 240 days =$127.50 per day, which is the amount deducted for each sick day. This amount will vary for each member depending on salary and GDO.
Cargo Pilots
The company is using cargo pilots to fly Air Canada routes and vis-versa. The union takes a very strong stance on this issue as during bargaining the company approached the union and asked that cargo be separated from the rest of flight operations. As a result, LOU2 was created which clearly outlines members’ statutory holidays, GDO and schedules. In spite of this, the company has repeatedly violated the agreement.
Despite numerous conversations with the company we have not been able to reach an agreement therefore Local 2002 has filed for arbitration.

The Definition of First Revenue Flight
This issue is very important as it determines bargaining unit seniority which affects our members in many ways. We are pleased to announce that on October 5 we reached an agreement and as a result, the company will define "First Revenue Flight" as the "First Line‐Indoc Flight."

Flying Schedules
Local 2002 is aware that work schedules continue to be a major concern for our members. Many pilots have chosen to stop flying for EVAS, leaving the company out of frustration. This is a large and multifaceted issue.

Listed below are some of the schedule-related issues that have been discussed with the company:

(G) The company was not definitively showing FCM's (Flight Crew Member's) GDO.
(R) This has since been rectified and the company is now designating a GDO on the schedule with an X.

(G) Company is changing FCM's GDO after their work schedule has been confirmed and posted.
(R) The company has agreed not to change members’ GDO after it has been posted.
(G) Company not paying per diems to FCMs when they work on their GDO.
(R) We have had some members whose schedules changed causing them to work on GDO. Those members claimed the extra days on their per diems. When their claims were rejected they approached the union. The company has since agreed to pay those members.
(G) Company scheduling GDO away from FCMs home base.
(ON) The company has said that they do not generally do this. The union has asked for the company to commit this in writing. The company has still not complied.
(G) Excessive changes to the company’s posted “finalized” schedule.
(ON) The union recognises that sometimes the schedule needs to change due to weather, maintenance issues, or unexpected reasons. However, the schedule should not be changed due to foreseen issues; if it does, then it was never “finalized”.
For example:  The union believes that a schedule that requires a member to fly more than they legally can due to Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) is not a finalized schedule; the company cannot have expected that member to be able to complete that schedule. The union continues to have discussions with the company on how to stabilize the schedule.

(G) Approximately every second month the company posts a 31 day schedule that appears to be in violation of the Collective Agreement.
(R) The company claims that although the schedule shows 31 days the members are still being scheduled their minimum GDO in 30 days. The company has agreed to post monthly schedules that not only show the calendar day but also the schedule day. The union will ensure these changes are implemented.

Recurrent Training Bonds
The company asked a member to sign a 12 month training bond to receive recurrent training stating that this would cover their expenses should the member leave within the 12 months after returning from SIM. The union engaged our legal counsel and advised the company that we do not support the use of these types of requests on any current and/or future members. As the result of several conversations with the union the company has advised the union that they will remove the bond.

These are some of many issues that have been, and continue to be, discussed with the company. Stay connected with your union representatives. It is your continued involvement that makes District 510 a strong and cohesive bargaining unit.

Local 2002 will be holding membership meetings to answer your questions and field your concerns. Once dates are confirmed, details will be posted.

Your Local 2002 D510 representatives: