Flair Airlines: Urgent Membership Meetings and Strike Vote

Flair Airlines: Urgent Membership Meetings and Strike Vote

May 7, 2018 at 5:00 PM


As a follow-up to the April 27th bulletin, your Flair Air Bargaining Committee recently met with the company from April 30-May 4, to work on proposals; however, the company had little to no appetite to take our proposals seriously. The company presented us with “an offer” that dealt with all of the outstanding items, yet the company failed to move on the important issues that matter most to our members "quality of life", and therefore, could not support presenting it to the membership.

We agreed to extend the conciliation process to midnight on Friday, May 4th, with hopes it would materialize in a tentative agreement unfortunately that did not come to fruition.

We are currently in a very difficult set of negotiations with Flair Airlines, we have advised the company that we will be asking the membership of Flair Airlines for a strike vote.




Your Bargaining Committee will be holding two important membership meetings via teleconference on:

Wednesday, May 9 at 16:00 PT

Thursday, May 10 at 11:00 PT

During the two-day meetings held via teleconference, your Bargaining Committee will explain in detail what has transpired thus far and answer your questions, so that our members will have the opportunity to make an informed decision. Voting will take place by electronic voting only.

*****Please note: *************
A NEW teleconference meeting number was emailed today at 10:45ET.  Flair Airlines members are asked to check thier personal email for the information. 



  • Thursday, May 10 beginning at 15:00 PT through to Friday, May 11, at 23:59 PT

  • Members will be emailed the particulars for electronic voting

  • Reminder Notice: members will be sent an email on Tuesday, May 08, reminding members of the electronic voting that will take place on Thursday, May 10, at 15:00 PT.

  • If you have lost your elector ID or password, please contact Sharon Low at elections@unifor2002.org or by phone 778 996 1344



It is the support and the solidarity of our membership that is the key to making progress. Our bargaining power depends on your active support. We know that our members are aware of what it takes to makes this Company work and it is the hard work of our members that have made this Company successful.

We cannot stress enough the importance of every member participating in one of these meetings. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard and cast a 'YES' on your strike ballot. Your Bargaining Committee is unanimously asking the members to VOTE YES to strike action.

Each and every member has the power to stand up to the company and exercise our strength in numbers. When we speak with ONE voice, the company listens. The bargaining committee would like to thank you, the membership for your ongoing support during these negotiations. Solidarity is critical to our success.

In order to have the membership understand more clearly the timing of the process, the chart below outlines the schedule that followed during these negotiations, up to and including our strike deadline.



(Bargaining from September 2017 to February 2018 )

February 16
» The Union files for conciliation

March 1
Conciliation Officer Kathy Peters, is appointed

May 4
Conciliation Officer advised to file a report to the Ministry of Labour

May 23
Lockout/Strike notice 72 hours

May 25
Cooling off period - 21 days which ends at midnight on May 25th

May 26
Legal Strike position – 0001 hours


We will ensure to keep you informed of any updates as they are made available. Our fight is your fight, and we will continue to fight for equality as we build a stronger more relevant Union.

Unifor is a Union for Everyone! Please ensure that you have subscribed to Unifor 2002's e-news service at unifor2002.org.

Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned should you have any questions or concerns.


In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee
Sterling Dunne – Bargaining Committee Representative
Nathan Conley – Bargaining Committee Representative
Ashley Watkins – Assistant to the President
Euila Leonard – President of Unifor Local 2002
Andrea Macbride – National Staff of Unifor


  For more information, please contact Ashley Watkins
Assistant to the President

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