Jazz Aviation L.P.: Crew Schedulers say “YES” to a new Collective Agreement

Jazz Aviation L.P.: Crew Schedulers say “YES” to a new Collective Agreement

June 7, 2018 at 11:05 AM

Unifor Local 2002 wishes to announce that voting on the Jazz Aviation L.P., Crew Scheduling Collective Agreement has concluded. The results of the ratification vote have been tabulated and the tentative agreement recommended by the Jazz Bargaining Committee has been accepted.

The results of the ratification vote held on June 6, 2018, are as follows:
  • 81% of the membership voted
  • 66% of the membership voted yes to the tentative agreement
This five-year agreement is retroactive from July 01, 2016 and will expire on June 30, 2021.
Unifor Local 2002 represents approximately 43 members at Jazz Aviation, Crew Scheduling who are located in Halifax.

This agreement brings about a number of gains to the membership at Jazz and here are some of the highlights:
  • Wage increases each year
  • Benefit improvements
  • Enhanced premium rates of pay
  • Improved Bereavement leave benefits
  • Enhanced vacation bidding options etc.
 “The resolve of our membership and dedication of our Bargaining Committee has produced an agreement that affords Jazz members gains in important areas including an increase in wages, benefit improvements, and improved vacation bidding.” “I would like to thank the members of Jazz – Crew Schedulers for their continued participation in the ratification process.”, said Euila Leonard, President of Local 2002.  

As previously communicated, the Bargaining Committee decided to suspend talks and wait until all other bargaining units had ratified their agreements. The Bargaining Committee worked very diligently on this agreement to bring stability and equitability to the membership. 

The Jazz Bargaining Committee would like to thank the members who took the time to attend the ratification meetings and ratify their Collective Agreement.  

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In Solidarity,

Your Unifor Bargaining Committee
Chuck MacAulay – Chairperson
Lori Reid, Bargaining -Committee Representative 
Ashley Watkins – Assistant to the President
Euila Leonard – President of Unifor Local 2002
Chad Johnston- Unifor National Staff Representative 
For more information, please contact Ashley Watkins,
Assistant to the Local President