Unifor 2002: Convention 2017 Election Results

Unifor 2002: Convention 2017 Election Results

May 19, 2017 at 4:00 PM

At the 2017 Unifor 2002 triennial convention held at the Unifor Family Education Centre May 15-18, delegates elected the following members:


Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees shall have the authority to scrutinize all expenditures of the Local Union. By maintaining vigilance over the financial affairs of the Local Union, it shall ensure that the Executive Board is made aware of excessive disbursements of funds beyond the provisions of the budget and of any necessity to provide for meeting any extraordinary expenditure.

The Board of Trustees will assist the Financial Secretary with the annual budget and shall submit the budget to the Executive Board for final approval.

  • Ray O’Donohue, D300 – Chairperson
  • Lorrie Holden, D301
  • Aida Kirameddine, D226


Constitution and Bylaws Committee


In accordance with Article 6.1.07 of the Local’s Bylaws, the duties of the Constitutions and Bylaws Committee will include (but not be limited to) receiving and ruling on Constitutional and Bylaw challenges/matters and receiving and processing resolutions to Convention and Special Meetings.

  • Cheryl Robinson, D500
  • Daniel Pelletier, D404
  • Sandra Mcfarlane, D203


Local Elections Committee


As outlined in the Unifor Local 2002 Bylaws, the Elections Committee is responsible for conducting all elections and by-elections for the offices of the Executive Board. The Committee also oversees elections conducted at convention as well as elections of the Bargaining Committees. The Committee also submits written reports to the Executive Board following each election or by-election detailing the conduct and results.

  • Sharon Low, D104
  • Manon Camiré, D400
  • Astraea Sam, D616


Regional Council Delegates


Regional Councils and the Quebec Council are a democratic force for union activism, solidarity, and strength. They are forums of accountability and organizing centres which will involve and engage thousands of local union activists in the life of the union. Delegates are expected to be activists on behalf of Unifor, both in the Labour Movement and in their community. They are expected to take a leadership role in promoting the Unifor political action campaigns and to carry out various Unifor programs and activities. Delegates will be required to provide written reports of their activism to the Local 2002 Executive Board.


British Columbia Regional Council Delegates (7)

  • Tina Gillales, D108
  • Teresa Barnwell, D180
  • Christine Bower, D614
  • Jacky Lui, D104
  • Christina Sahota, D108
  • Tim Cheung, D104
  • Luis Garcia, D104


Prairie Council Delegates (6)

  • Astraea Sam, D616
  • Kevin Boutet, D201
  • Phil Ayotte, D201
  • Ashley MacInnis, D206
  • Sandra Mcfarlane, D203
  • Aida Kirameddine, D226


Ontario Regional Council Delegates (16)

  • David Olawale, D340
  • John Price, D333
  • Wade Ireland, D301
  • Theresa Amicarelli, D301
  • Mario Di Nardo, D333
  • Charlotte Pape, D301
  • Antonios Kourteridis, D333
  • Lorrie Holden, D301
  • Ata Ugursoy, D333
  • Lia De Palma, D300
  • Linda Mryka, D301
  • Denise Cochrane, D617
  • April Thorn, D333
  • Frances Galambosy, D300
  • Sheila Fardy, D301
  • Sue Harris, D301


Quebec Regional Council Delegates (7)

  • Manon Camire, D400
  • Annette Boissonneault, D620
  • Patrick Chiasson, D714
  • Ada Zampini, D400
  • Stephen Lussier, D404
  • Benoit Lapointe, D400
  • Kevork Vahedjian, D400
(note: all Quebec Regional Council Delegates were acclaimed)


Atlantic Regional Council Delegates (4)

  • Tim Way, D715
  • Gilles Goguen, D508
  • Cheryl Robinson, D500
  • Tammy Moore, D508


The term of office for these positions is June 1, 2017 until May 31, 2020. Please join us in congratulating those elected to proudly represent the membership of Unifor 2002. Unifor Local 2002 is encouraged by those who offer their time and dedication to our members.


In solidarity,
Local 2002 Elections Committee