Orange Shirt Day: September 30

Orange Shirt Day: September 30

September 26, 2017 at 8:00 AM





Unifor supports Indigenous communities in the push for justice and reconciliation. I am proud to share our union’s support for Orange Shirt Day, as adopted at the 2017 Council, to recognize the experience of residential school survivors and a new design that local unions can use to mark the day on September 30, 2017. You can save the design which is attached to this email or download it at

Canada's residential school system has caused great harm and suffering to Indigenous families and nations. The intergenerational effects of the violence and abuse suffered there are still felt by many, and can be seen through the current suicide crisis in northern First Nations communities, among other injustices. Unifor members should listen to the stories of survivors and their families, and speak up to say, "Every child matters."




Orange shirt day was founded to recognize the experiences of residential school survivors, with one woman’s story in particular. To learn about Phyllis’s Story please visit

Unifor recognizes that to move toward recognition and reconciliation, Indigenous children must know that they are loved and valued. That’s why I’m happy to share the attached t-shirt design and sign with you, so that you can make your own orange shirts and spread the message of support.

Locals are encouraged to host events or to join community events marking September 30. Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity to unite with First Nations, governments, schools and communities to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope.


In solidarity,

Mohamad Alsadi
Unifor Human Rights and International Director


Source: Unifor



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