The GAVEL - February, 2018

The GAVEL - February, 2018

February 20, 2018 at 11:00 AM




Unifor Local 2002 is pleased to re-introduce a quarterly online grievance publication called The GAVEL. This newsletter is a platform for sharing and bringing you information about labour and employment issues that impact our workplaces.

The newsletter will feature a wide range of topics from basic grievances, arbitration processes, and other labour issues to name just a few.

The focus is directed towards YOU: the member.

Knowledge is power and we hope you find this material informative and insightful.


Grievance versus a Workplace Complaint?

A grievance is a formal complaint initiated by the union when there is a violation of the Collective Agreement. Your Collective Agreement is a written contract between the Company and Union and has been negotiated by Bargaining Committees. When a grievance is filed, we are challenging the Company for not fulfilling its responsibilities under the agreement. Grievances must be managed with care, attention, and in the strictest of confidence.

A Grievance clearly exists if :

  • Company violates the Collective Agreement (including letters of agreements, letters of understanding)
  • Transgression of Labour legislation such as your Provincial Employment Standards Act/Federal Labour Code, Health, and Safety Act, Human Rights Code

A grievance can occur if the Company violated :

  • Past practices
  • Dated letters, signed by both parties
  • Employer rules and policies
  • Unreasonable or unfair management actions

Complaints are not grievances if they are :

  • Personal problems
  • Request for advice
  • Minor issues with co-workers


Something that is determined by judgment or whim and not for any specific reason or rule. An arbitrary decision is made without reason or without due consideration to facts.

Information heard through other people; something heard, but not known to be a fact.

Is first-hand information that would be admissible at a hearing.


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