Unifor 2002 Convention: Progress through solidarity

Unifor 2002 Convention: Progress through solidarity

May 15, 2017 at 12:00 PM




Unifor 2002's 6th Triennial Convention begins today at the Unifor Education Centre in Port Elgin, Ontario.

Every three years, Unifor 2002 holds a convention. The convention is a special meeting of the Local leadership that is recorded and transcribed for historical purposes. The Chairperson guides convention using Bourinot’s rules of order.

While the primary focus of the convention is for the Executive Board to report the business and affairs of the preceding three years to the Leadership, two other very important items are part of the agenda: Bylaws resolutions and elections.



During Unifor 2002 Convention, you can participate via social media.

Have something to say? Want to join the conversation? Speak out and share on Facebook and Twitter. If you are attending convention, please be sure to share your photos with us by tagging @unifor2002 in the image and/or using hashtag #unifor2002 and #unifor.



At every special meeting, Unifor Local 2002 announces a charity or cause that the convention supports. There will be 50/50 draws, prizes and items for sale, the proceeds of which go towards the charity or cause chosen. Any support is greatly appreciated and donations outside of the sales are always welcome. Unifor has helped many causes both local to the Unifor Family Education Centre in Port Elgin and across the country.

The union is shaped by our relationships, by how we treat and care for each other. Our commitment to solidarity speaks to the significance of the language of "union sister" and "union brother." It is evident in the day-to-day bonds of fellowship and friendship, it is found in the expressions of respect and mutual support, and it is witnessed in the acts of cooperation and interdependence, and by our commitment to anti-harassment. Solidarity is how we pay tribute to the fact that an injury to one is an injury to all. It is how we acknowledge that what we want for ourselves, we want for others. And it is how we demonstrate our resolve and determination to make it so.

This is how we achieve Progress through solidarity.

We look forward to seeing you there!



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