Posting: ORNGE District 344 Women’s Advocate Position

Posting: ORNGE District 344 Women’s Advocate Position

February 16, 2018 at 10:00 AM
The Unifor Ornge Women’s Advocate is a newly negotiated position in the collective agreement between Unifor and Ornge. The position is subject to review. 

The Women’s Advocate provides referrals on issues such as sexual assault, domestic violence, suicide prevention, depression, pregnancy, stress, separation, and divorce. The role of the Women’s Advocate is to listen and provide support, offer information, and appropriate resources. 

Individuals interested in applying for the Unifor Ornge District 344 Women’s Advocate position are to submit a resume and cover letter outlining their particular experience and reasons for applying for the position no later than Friday, March 2, 2018 at 17:00 ET.  Please mail, fax or email your resume along with a cover letter to: 

Unifor Local 2002 – ORNGE D344 Women’s Advocate Position
Attention: Kerry Turner
7015 Tranmere Drive, Unit 5
Mississauga, ON L5S 1M2
Fax: (905) 678-0100/ (866) 635-5956

The term of office will be until the expiry of the collective agreement.  The successful candidate will be required to attend an initial 40-hour basic training session. The successful candidate will report to the President of Unifor Local 2002.

For specific language regarding the women’s advocate position, please refer the following:

 Women’s Advocate Language  
The parties recognize that female employee may sometimes need to discuss with another woman matters such as violence or abuse at home or workplace harassment.  They may also need to find out about specialized resources in the community such as counselors or women’s shelters to assist them in dealing with these and other issues.

For this reason, the parties agree to recognize the role of Women’s Advocate in the workplace. The Women’s Advocate will be determined by the Union from amongst the female bargaining unit employees. The Advocate will meet with female members as required, discuss problems with them and refer them to the appropriate agency when necessary.

The Company agrees to provide access to a confidential phone line and voice mail that can be maintained by the Women’s Advocate and that is accessible for female employees to contact the Women’s Advocate.  As well, the Company will provide access to a private office so that confidentiality can be maintained when a female employee is meeting with the Women’s Advocate.

The Company and the Union will develop appropriate communications to inform female employees about the advocacy role of the Women’s Advocate providing contact numbers to reach the Women’s Advocate. The Company will also assign a management support person to assist the advocate in her role.
The Women’s Advocate will participate in an initial 40-hour basic training program and an annual three (3) day update training program delivered by the Unifor National Women’s Department.

The Company agrees to pay for lost time, including travel time, registration costs, lodging, transportation, meals and other reasonable expenses where necessary.

Violence against Women Language 
The parties recognize that women sometimes face situations of violence or abuse in their personal life that may affect their attendance or performance at work.  The parties agree that when there is adequate verification from a recognized professional (i.e. doctor, lawyer, professional counselor, intake worker from a women’s shelter), a woman who is in an abusive or violent personal situation will not be subjected to discipline without giving full consideration to the facts in the case of each individual and the circumstances surrounding the incident otherwise supportive of discipline.

This statement of intent is subject to a standard of good faith on the part of the Company, the Union, and affected employees, and will not be utilized by the Union or employees to subvert the application of otherwise appropriate disciplinary measures.