Update on Ornge’s Moosonee base

Update on Ornge’s Moosonee base

April 28, 2017 at 3:00 PM


In a February, 2017 memo to Unifor members at the Moosonee base, Ornge management advised that due to heavy maintenance checks and installation of the NVGS on rotor wing aircraft C-GYNZ, it would be cutting service. Unifor was contacted by Wade Durham, Director of base management who advised that Ornge had an alternative plan to utilize the services of Wabusk Air Inc., one of the standing agreement carriers that ORNGE has contracted services.

Letter of Understanding # 24 of the Unifor-Ornge Collective Agreement, along with an arbitration award from Arbitrator Tom Hodges references Ornge paramedics flying only PC 12 aircraft that are part of the Ornge fleet. The Unifor bargaining committee scheduled a conference call with Ornge management to clarify a number of outstanding issues, as well as details concerning this recent reversal decision in Moosonee.

The Unifor bargaining committee had lengthy discussions and determined that Ornge should follow the Collective Agreement and has advised the employer they did not agree with their proposal.

MPP Gilles Bisson, raised the issue of the helicopter not servicing the James Bay area for June and July, in question period on April 13, and minister Hoskins committed to investigate.

Unifor learned yesterday via a social media post by MPP Bisson that a commitment had been made by Minister Hoskins to return rotor wing service to the community. A Company memo was issued yesterday that advised that they [Ornge] had been directed by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to ensure a helicopter remain in the area and they had plans to follow the directive.

Unifor members whose primary aim as paramedics is to ensure the safety and service provided to patients is a number one priority. We are happy to hear the direction of the Ministry and Ornge align with our priority.



For more information, please contact:
Ashley Watkins, Assistant to the Local President



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