Swissport, D318: Employee Advocate

Swissport, D318: Employee Advocate

January 15, 2016 at 12:00 PM
The Swissport Employee Advocate is a negotiated position in the collective agreement between Unifor Local 2002 and Swissport District 318 Toronto Airport. The position is subject to review and reposting every three years in accordance with the Local 2002 bylaws.
The role of the advocate is to listen and provide support, offer information and appropriate resources, follow up in a confidential manner.
Individuals interested in applying for the Employee Advocate position should send a resume outlining their particular experience and reasons for applying for the position no later than Friday February 5, 2016 at 12:00 EST. Only qualified applicants will be interviewed. Please mail, fax or email your statement of qualifications and cover letter to:
Unifor Local 2002 – Swissport Advocate
Attn: Kerry Turner
7015 Tranmere Drive, Unit 5
Mississauga, Ontario
L5S 1M2
Fax: (905) 678-0100 / (866) 635-5956
The term of office will be until October 31, 2018.
The successful applicant will be required to attend an initial 40-hour basic training session March 13-18, 2016.
For specific language regarding the employee advocate position, please see the following from the Unifor-Swissport Collective Agreement:
The parties recognize that employees who are in an abusive or violent personal situation may prefer to raise or discuss the issue with a person who is known to them.  The parties further recognize that victims of physical or emotional violence may not be aware of specialized resources that are available to them to address such issues.

For these reasons, the parties agree to implement an Employee Advocate position in the workplace.

The Employee Advocate will meet with employees as required, discuss issues of violence or abuse with them and refer them to the Company’s EAP services, or another appropriate service, as may be necessary.

The Employee Advocate is an unpaid position.  The Union will provide all required training to the Employee Advocate.

The Company will designate a manager to be the lead contact for the Employee Advocate and to work with the Advocate and to support the employees.

The Employee Advocate will attempt to schedule all employee meetings in a manner that does not interfere with work responsibilities.  If the Advocate must meet with an employee during a shift, both the Employee Advocate and the employee must obtain prior approval from their respective supervisor. The Company will not unreasonably withhold consent and the Union will be responsible to pay the time for the Advocate and/or the employee.

When it is possible and upon request, the Company will also provide access to a private office so that confidentiality can be maintained when an employee is meeting with the Employee Advocate.

The Company and the Union will develop appropriate communications to inform employees about the advocacy role and contact numbers to reach the Advocate.

The Company will grant leave to the Employee Advocate to participate in an initial 40-hour training program.  The Company will also allow the Advocate to participate in annual training, to a maximum of three days. All training for the Employee Advocate will be organized and paid for by the Union.

The Employee Advocate must report incidents of workplace violence, bullying or harassment to management.