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Solidarity results in solid gains

Oct 3, 2011 at 3:28pm

During the last round of bargaining at Air Canada we made solid gains, including the return of the half hour paid lunch break, the ability to take an additional three weeks’ vacation (through the general holiday option and VPP) and 250 VSPs (voluntary separation packages).

The half hour paid lunch break was at the top of the membership’s wish list and for good reason; the paid half hour, equates to working two and a half hours less per week or, over three weeks less per year! The gift of time...priceless! The paid lunch break will be implemented with the next schedule changes in the fall.

These agreements will create a legacy of over 550 new permanent jobs at Air Canada. It has been a long time since we have seen growth in our union and it is refreshing to know we will have new employees joining our ranks. As well, many members finally have the opportunity to utilize the transfer list, in order to fill the hundreds of vacancies created.

Solidarity was a key factor in this round of bargaining. It’s simple; when you support your union, you support yourself. That’s when workers make progress.

Your Air Canada Bargaining Committee,
Dave Hoskins -- Pacific Region
Paul Janssen -- Western Region (Chairperson)
Frances Galambosy -- Central
Ted Mossa -- Eastern Region
Euila Leonard -- Atlantic Region
Jamie Ross -- President Local 2002