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Support Peggy Nash

Jan 31, 2012 at 4:00pm

Support Peggy Nash


In the days and weeks ahead, we have an amazing opportunity to elect Sister Peggy Nash as leader of the federal NDP and official opposition. Long-time CAW leader and assistant to the national president, Peggy is running for leader of the NDP and she needs our support. There’s not much time though, so we have to act fast!

Peggy is fluently trilingual - English, French and Spanish and enjoys support right across the country, including in Quebec. Peggy is already considered one of the front runners in the race and together, we can help make sure she wins!

Peggy has a special connection with CAW Local 2002 - she began in the union as an Air Canada customer service agent many years ago. Imagine the opportunity in electing a former Air Canada worker as leader of the Official Opposition? And then in 2015 as Prime Minister? The country would soon look a lot different for working people, that’s for sure.

Peggy is a truly progressive candidate - pressing for the need for an affordable quality national childcare program; an overhaul to the Investment Canada Act so that when foreign multi-nationals buy up Canadian companies, jobs are protected; planning for green innovation in our stagnating economy, and a platform on women’s equality and LGBT rights. These are just a few of her excellent ideas, which are a real breath of fresh air in Canadian politics.

I have personally spoken to Peggy and pledged my support for her campaign. I wholeheartedly urge you to get involved, and sign up so you can vote for Peggy.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Sign up to the NDP, so that you can vote for Peggy.  It is not expensive, and it’s money well spent! The deadline for signing up is February 18, so don’t delay.

  2. Talk to your friends, family and neighbours and sign them up to vote for Peggy!

  3. Get other CAW members registered – make sure people can register at any meeting or event. A PDF of the membership form is included here.

  4. Make a donation. Any amount is appreciated and tax receipts will be granted after $20. The maximum donation for leadership campaign, to all candidates is $1,200. It’s important to note though that only individuals can make donations, organizations cannot.

Peggy will be travelling right across the country, so if you’re able, follow her campaign at: and sign up for campaign updates.

The leadership vote will be held at a special leadership convention on March 24, in Toronto. Members can vote at the convention (if they are delegates), or in advance online or by mail-in ballot. If you want to attend the Convention, you can register here.

You can only vote for Peggy if you are a registered party member by February 18.

Together, we can get Peggy elected! I urge you to support Peggy in her campaign.


In solidarity,

Jamie Ross

Jamie Ross
CAW Local 2002

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