AC: Customer Sales and Service

AC: Customer Sales and Service



Air Canada Customer Sales & Service agents (Concierge/Leads at Airports)
Our members perform in person, passenger sales, and service functions at Airports. Members disseminate information, process reservations, checking in of customers, provide operational leadership, issue tickets, and other related duties as required.

Air Canada Contact Centre
Our members make reservations for customers, process reservation messages, assemble reservations data, monitor social media channels, and other related duties.

Air Canada Customer Journey Management (CJM)
Our members perform flight editing, connection handling, and book hotels. They also ensure proactive and effective customer recovery during irregular operations. They support SOC (System Operations Centre), Airports, and Call Centres by coordinating and implementing customer recovery plans (rebooking, and compensation).

Air Canada Customer Relations
Our members respond to inquiries directed to the Customer Relations department at Air Canada. They sort and distribute customer correspondence. They authorize or amend reservations, determine appropriate payment of compensation, and perform other related duties.

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C base closures go forward with arbitrator’s ruling

 Arbitrator Tom Hodges has issued his reasons behind the decisions he made regarding the Air Canada/Jazz c base arbitration...

3:45 PM | August 22, 2016

Arbitrator Hodges delivers decision on C base grievances

Unifor has received the arbitrator’s decision on the C base grievances heard on August 9, 2016...

3:30 PM | August 15, 2016

Important announcement for Air Canada members at Unifor 2002

Air Canada has advised Unifor that they will be announcing that all details (per the agreement of June 2015) ending the secondment of Air Canada members to work in the Jazz Stations...

12:15 PM | June 27, 2016

Air Canada, D401: Election - Vice-Chairperson

This notice is to advise all members of Unifor Local 2002 that, in accordance with the Bylaws of Unifor Local 2002, an election will take place...

5:00 PM | April 14, 2016

Air Canada CSSA Pass Priority Details

Thank you for your patience. After what seems like an eternity, Unifor and Air Canada, working together, have built a strong foundation for the future...

5:00 PM | March 21, 2016

Air Canada CSSA Pass Priority Update

Unifor and Air Canada are pleased to announce that Unifor members at Air Canada will receive the same C1 passes awarded to the IAMAW and CUPE work groups...

5:00 PM | March 16, 2016

Air Canada new uniform feedback

Air Canada will be rolling out new uniforms in 2017 for its 28,000 employees...

10:30 AM | March 4, 2016
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