Local 2002 Logos

The following logos are available for download.





Colour Type : Colour
File Type : JPG

Colour Type : Black (K)
File Type : JPG


Colour Variations

The Unifor local identity can be reproduced in full-colour, reversed, and black and white. Use only the identity versions supplied by Unifor. Do not attempt to recreate the identity.


Unacceptable Usage

The identity should never be placed on a coloured, textured or photographic background that compromises its visibility or legibility. The composition, type, icon or colour of the identity should never be altered in any way. Under no circumstances should the identity be skewed, squished or distorted.




Visibility Standards

Clear space is the safe area around the identity where no text, graphic or photographic elements can appear. Follow the identity’s clear space guidelines to prevent compromising the visibility of the
Unifor identity.

The clear space surrounding the identity should be equal to or greater than the height of the "I" in the word "Unifor" in the identity.


Minimum Size

Minimum size requirements ensure the integrity and readability of Unifor local regional identity. It is critical that the identity is clearly visible and easily recognized in all communication materials. It is recommended that the local regional identity be reproduced no smaller than 0.6" in height from the local's baseline. The alternate (horizontal) local regional identity should not be produced any smaller than 0.3" from the local's baseline.





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