Aeroplan Members: Here we go Again – More Layoffs

Aeroplan Members: Here we go Again – More Layoffs

February 10, 2021 at 4:00 PM


Your Aeroplan Bargaining Committee has been advised that due to the incredibly low volumes in calls, and work in general, there is a surplus within every unit at Air Canada and Aeroplan. We are not immune from this unprecedented crisis which is affecting all of us with a record level of job cuts.

This is extremely concerning to all of us as the layoffs are very deep and are affecting Aeroplan members with 23 years of service. With the government protocols continually changing Air Canada has been compelled to adjust accordingly, and thus our members are on the front-line of these changes. The latest layoff numbers that we have been presented are Vancouver 26 full-time and 5 part-time, Montreal 35 full-time, and 6 part-time. This is for a total of 72 agents in inverse seniority for both Aeroplan offices-Vancouver and Montreal. The total of 72 agents is in addition to the 110 layoffs that were previously announced a few weeks ago.

We do not have any details on when the Company will inform the agents of the pending layoffs, it is important to note; the company is required to give a 21-day notice to our members before layoffs can take place. The company clearly stated that the first round of layoffs is temporary and is maintaining this position for the second round of layoffs. Your Bargaining Committee did ask the Company to clarify what "temporary" means in this respect but they were unable to provide us with a definitive answer.

We can only hope that is the case, but Covid needs to be under control, vaccines need to be administered nationwide, and government measures cannot continue to be so restrictive and punitive, otherwise, the length of time for these layoffs will continue to be extended with no end sight for the near future.

Please note, your Bargaining Committee is challenging the Company on several fronts. We have made many arguments that the company is not following the Aeroplan Collective Bargaining Agreement, specifically LOU 18 language, as well as some sections of the Canadian Labour Code. We have filed multiple grievances from a procedural standpoint and some are headed to expedited arbitration and hope they are resolved in our favour as soon as possible.

Unifor Local 2002 will continue to keep the membership apprised of any further developments. Please stay tuned for further updates and subscribe to e-news at Please stay safe and healthy.

In solidarity,

Your Aeroplan Bargaining Committee
Ross McConkey, Bargaining Committee Representative
Jacky Lui, Bargaining Committee Representative
Vince De Sua, Bargaining Committee Representative
Stephen Lussier, Bargaining Committee Representative
Josée Genois, Assistant to Local 2002 President
Leslie Dias, Unifor Director – Airlines Sector



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