Aeroplan: Payroll system error

Aeroplan: Payroll system error

June 3, 2014 at 11:10 AM

In January the company asked the union to meet and discuss a payroll concern that affects many of our members at Unifor 2002. The union agreed and met on January 24th. During this meeting the company advised us that due to a payroll system error, 462 employees had been over paid, while another 52 employees had been underpaid. This system error occurred between 2011 and 2012 affecting a total of 514 of our members.

During this meeting the company disclosed details of this pay error and explained how our members would be impacted financially.

After receiving all the information, we strategized to ensure that members would be impacted as little as possible. After several additional meetings it was agreed that all impacted employees will be shown a paper trail (including pay stubs) of where and when these individual errors occurred.

Employees will be able to repay the payroll error by using one of the following methods or a combination of methods (as per the selection form):

  • overtime bank

  • sick bank

  • GIDIP sick legacy bank

  •  pay the full amount by one (1) cheque

  • differed payment

  • payroll deduction

The company has agreed to reduce the amount taken from the pay roll deduction from $150.00 to $75.00 for full time employees and $75.00 to $35.00 for part time employees. We strongly believe that this will provide relief to the employees that need to repay.

Additionally, Aeroplan has agreed to remove $500.00 from every member that was overpaid and owes money back due to this error. This means that any employee who was overpaid by $500.00 or less would have a write off of the overpayment that they had. It also brings the amount of affected employees from 462 to 86 and the 52 employees that had been underpaid will get the full amount paid back to them.

It is important for employees to read and understand the multiple options they have for the repayment process. If you do not wish to use all the options of repayment but rather just use the ‘payroll deduction’ option ($75.00 and $35.00) you do not need to fill the Election Form For Method of Repayment – this is the default option for repayment.

The bargaining committee believes that under these circumstances they were able to reduce the negative financial impact to the membership by providing multiple options for repayment.


In solidarity,

Your Aeroplan Bargaining Committee:
Vince De Sua
Stephen Lussier
Ross McConkey
Jane Winfield
Cheryl Robinson, Local 2002 President
Marcel Rondeau, Local 2002 Executive Assistant
Leslie Dias, Unifor National Representative



For more information, please contact:
Marcel Rondeau, Unifor Local 2002 Executive Assistant