Aeroplan employees deserve recognition at the bargaining table

Aeroplan employees deserve recognition at the bargaining table

November 16, 2012 at 2:00 PM

The Aeroplan bargaining committee has completed a frustrating week of bargaining with the company.  Their response to the committee’s monetary proposals was extremely disappointing. 

It is clear that the company does not appreciate the contribution our agents make to Aeroplan’s overall success, and specifically to the delivery of excellent customer service at the contact centres.  Satisfied Aeroplan members are the core of its business, driving the success of the partner relationship.

Half of all global revenue for Aimia  (Aeroplan’s parent company) originates at Aeroplan, and 90%of Aimia’s net profit comes from Aeroplan, according to a company presentation.  Aeroplan strives for "Best in Class” objectives and has unsurpassed performance levels among contact centre industry peers.  Aeroplan members rate the customer service agents 9 out of 10. 

There is hypocrisy demonstrated when Aeroplan spends money in other areas including the extremely high management/agent ratio, management travel, management bonuses, and extravagant management functions, but uses a very different practice with our members.

Aeroplan rewards customer loyalty and management performance. It is time for the company  to reward the backbone of its business: front line customer service agents.

We will continue to keep you informed as bargaining resumes next week in Vancouver.  
In solidarity,

Your Aeroplan Bargaining Committee
Vince De Sua
Alenka Karkling
Stephen Lussier
Ross McConkey
Jane Winfield
Jamie Ross, President Local 2002
Leslie Dias, CAW Representative
Bob Orr, CAW Assistant to National President