Unifor Update on Aeroplan mitigation

Unifor Update on Aeroplan mitigation

January 19, 2021 at 4:00 PM


Dear members,

Thank you for your patience as we work through this ongoing and changing process concerning mitigation solutions. We recognize that members are noticeably anxious and our intent with this bulletin is to dispel some of the stress that the employer’s staff reduction process may be causing.

Unifor is still waiting for Air Canada’s Labour Relations and Corporate Resource Planning department to provide us with the final surplus numbers taking into account those who may already be out of the workplace. We have been waiting on this data since the surplus was announced. The company is analyzing the requirements, and to date we have not received the details. We understand the uncertainty is stressful for our members.

The employer is intent on seeing what response they get to the Leave of Absence (LOA) program before considering and committing to additional mitigation measures. The union has reinforced the need for the LOAs to include benefits to make them more attractive and applicable for members. We have confirmed that there is no service adjustment and salary advancement as previously advised.

To be clear on the LOA program in its current state; IF a different mitigation program becomes available, the member would not be eligible to cancel or switch to a different mitigation program as the rules for the SVLOA is very specific:

1. Terms and Conditions Leaves of absence once approved are not rescindable by the employee except by agreement of the Company following the written request of the employee(s) involved.

The union has provided a list of mitigation options to the company to kick-start discussions so that no member would be involuntarily displaced. Those options can be found below/attached. It appears unlikely that mitigation talks will not begin until Thursday of this week.

We will keep you informed once more information becomes available.


In solidarity,

Your Aeroplan Bargaining Committee
Ross McConkey, Bargaining Committee Representative
Jacky Lui, Bargaining Committee Representative
Vince De Sua, Bargaining Committee Representative
Stephen Lussier, Bargaining Committee Representative
Josée Genois, Assistant to Local 2002 President
Leslie Dias, Unifor Director – Airlines Sector





Unifor / Aeroplan Mitigation Concepts
January 19, 2021



  • VSPs (with bridging options)
  • Retire without penalty if within one year of unreduced pension
  • Fast track the 3-month window if you opt to retire
  • 15-year travel card – c3/y10
  • 4 passes for each year of completed service for those with less than 15 years
  • Passes bridged to 25 years to leave the company
  • SUB - EI with top up ie 75%
  • Use of Article 10.13



  • Temporary Part time until crisis is over
  • Work share program
  • Reduced work week (32 hrs) with EI Sub
  • Job sharing: 2 employees share 1 FT job
  • reduced work week: 32,35,36 hours
  • Action transfer list to Part Time commitment to those wanting Full Time in next reciprocal window



  • Special LOA (keep seniority, service, passes and benefits, with option to buy back pension)
  • Voluntary CEWS programs by seniority
  • Preplanned RO



  • VPP – opportunity to take one or two weeks in 2021, even within the first 6 months of the year
  • Extend ability to pay benefits while on layoff beyond 12 months



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