Air Canada CSSA Members: Recalled Members and Pay Issues

Air Canada CSSA Members: Recalled Members and Pay Issues

August 26, 2021 at 2:30 PM
Our recently recalled members have returned to very different workplaces, as a result of the pandemic, but are grateful to have been recalled and are eager to support our customers with their travel plans.

That said, we have heard from members that the rate of pay they are returning to may not be correct. The normal process is to contact the Employee Care Team for the rate of pay to be corrected if need be. However, the answers some members have received seemed incomplete or incorrect and left them with even more questions. Though the layoffs that occurred over the past months are complicating the wage increase calculations, all members need to be paid the correctly as stipulated in our collective agreement.

The Unifor Bargaining Committee has called for a meeting with Air Canada this week in order to make sure our members get all of the information they are entitled to and that any potential mistakes be corrected in a timely manner.

At this moment, we are still waiting for final answers from the company on this issue. We will communicate with you again with updates as we receive them. 

In Solidarity,
Air Canada Bargaining Committee
Steve Murphy – Pacific Region
Joanne Goulet – Western Region
David Peng – Central Region
Benoit Lapointe – Eastern Region
Cheryl Robinson – Atlantic Region
Frances Galambosy – Unifor National Service Representative, Airline Sector
Tammy Moore – President Unifor Local 2002