Air Canada: We are in this together (unless you are an above-the-wing employee)

Air Canada: We are in this together (unless you are an above-the-wing employee)

June 3, 2022 at 4:30 PM


On May 31, 2022, Air Canada’s Corporate Resource Planning department issued a bulletin to those employees in below-the-wing positions, enticing them with double-overtime pay (time-and-half for part-time employees). The employer praised their work as ‘essential to the survival of the corporation.’

Unifor, and its Local 2002, also value the important contribution our brothers and sisters in below-the-wing positions make to Air Canada, but it is hard to stand by and watch while this employer continually goes outside the Collective Agreement to entice only certain workers. Why is it okay to increase their starting wage to CAD $21.11 an hour (for most locations), while leaving our people behind at CAD $16.56? Do we not struggle with the same cost of living?

This overtime incentive demonstrates that Air Canada’s Resource Planning department has no moral or ethical backbone to treat all employees fairly and equally. "We are in this together", the bulletin proudly states. However, it should continue to say, "except for airport members, CJM members, Contact Centre members, and Customer Relations members."

Air Canada’s Corporate Resource Planning department, you need to share the wealth and not divide your own employees.


In solidarity,

Unifor/Air Canada Bargaining Committee,
Joanne Goulet – Interim Chairperson, Western Region
Soppo Gomez Gnali – Pacific Region
Harold Bateman – Central Region
Benoit Lapointe – Eastern Region
Tracy Rector – Atlantic Region
Tammy Moore – President, Unifor Local 2002
Frances Galambosy – Unifor National Service Representative, Airline Sector
Leslie Dias – Unifor Director, Airlines Sector



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