Canadian North: Membership meeting

Canadian North: Membership meeting

November 9, 2013 at 7:00 AM

Edmonton Airport and Cargo Agents should attend this very important meeting

On October the 21st the Company notified the Union of the upcoming reduction of staff at Edmonton Airport. The reduction will impact the base by 4 Full time and 4 Part time agents.

On October 24th, 29th and 30th the Union met with the Company to discuss the issues that are important and are affecting the members as well as the options available to help mitigate the layoffs. Some of the discussions included the possibility of bringing in other work into the bargaining unit, voluntary leaves of absence (LOA’s), possibly extending the implementation of the layoffs by a month to 1st January, 2014 and the possibility of the Company offering severance packages to anyone that wished to leave the Company to help save a job.

October 29th the Company held a town hall meeting with the Edmonton Airport membership to hand out the layoff notices to the affected members. The Union from all levels attended the meeting to provide support and information.

From the beginning the Company has stated the layoffs are a result of the loss of the third party work and not a result of the Canadian North Flight Schedule.

Unfortunately this is not reflected in the agent schedule that was presented to the Union. The Schedule shows greater losses. The Union is working diligently to correct some of these issues including a lack of suitable relief pool, which will reduce the number of layoffs, as well as, produce a better work schedule for all remaining members.

The Union has been persistent with the Company to provide a system wide accurate seniority list.

The Company and the Union will be meeting on the morning of November 14th to review the results from the layoff letters.

A Union membership meeting for all airport and cargo agents will be held in the NORTH MULTI PURPOSE ROOM on the OBSERVATION LEVEL to update the members of the layoff status. Food and beverages provided.

Meeting will be held 1300 to 1500.

Unifor remains committed to protecting and preserving the rights of workers.



For further information you may contact:
Unifor Local 2002 Executive Assistant: Theresa Amicarelli
District Chairperson/Bargaining Unit Representative: Aida Kirameddine