December 7, 2018 at 9:15 AM
We would like to bring you up to speed on where things stand with our upcoming contract negotiations. Since the proposal meetings with the membership, your Bargaining Committee has met for several days and has put a lot of work in ensuring that both the feedback from the meetings and surveys are reflected in the proposals that will be presented at the bargaining table.

We are in the process of asking the Company for detail copies of information that are related to our working conditions and compensation package. We are establishing dates for upcoming negotiation talks, and have proposed the week of January 7, 2019. Once we have confirmed the dates and times, we will ensure to communicate them to the membership.

We wanted to ensure that the members are aware of their Bargaining Committee representatives and contact information:  
  • Captain Stephen Dodsworth, based in Gander - 1 403 878 6534
  • Captain Lyndon Rowe, based in Gander – 1 709 571 2408
  • Captain Brian Burris, based in Halifax – 1 807 853 4477
  • Ashley Watkins – Assistant to Local 2002 President - 1 888 226 8885
  • Chad Johnston – Unifor National Representative - 1 800 565 1272
Should you have any questions, please contact someone from the Bargaining Committee.

We would like to remind our members that at times rumors may circulate and we’d ask that you contact us directly for the correct information. If information has not been provided by the Bargaining Committee, then it should not be considered a reliable source.  

We are looking forward to improving your working conditions and, as long as we support each other, we can achieve the schedules and working conditions that so many of our pilots desire.

Please ensure that you keep us updated with your contact information and confirm that you have subscribed to Unifor 2002’s e-news at www.unifor2002.org.
In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee
Captain Stephen Dodsworth - Gander
Captain Lyndon Rowe - Gander
Captain Brian Burris- Halifax
Ashley Watkins – Assistant to Local 2002 President
Chad Johnston – Unifor National Representative

For more information, please contact
Ashley Watkins, Assistant to the Local President