CAW Members at Hilton Hotel Ratify First Agreement

CAW Members at Hilton Hotel Ratify First Agreement

March 12, 2008 at 12:00 AM

We are pleased to announce that Local 2002 members at Hilton Hotel in Saint John, New Brunswick have ratified their first collective agreement. The Bargaining Committee should be commended for their diligent efforts as members of this unit are divided into nine distinctive classifications.

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • Most classifications to see hourly raises of 14% to 19% over the 3 years of the contract.
  • Extra floating holiday.
  • Lead rate of pay for members who are requested to train others while on the job.
  • Sick-time language stating that doctor’s notes will not be required until 3 days absence. Company to pay for the notes if requested up to a maximum of $100.00.
  • New Grievance procedure and Arbitration Language.
  • Gratuities split so that the union staff percentage will be higher than current amount. The split will go from 50/50 to a 65/35 spilt by 2010.
  • Paid educational leave (PEL) was bargained. An amount of $3,000.00 over life of the agreement has been agreed to.


In solidarity,
The Hilton Hotel Bargaining Committee