Local 2002 postpones 2020 Executive Board Elections and Triennial Convention

Local 2002 postpones 2020 Executive Board Elections and Triennial Convention

March 23, 2020 at 4:00 PM


It is unprecedented the number of times we have all heard the word "unprecedented" used in the last month, but there is no other word to describe the events of the global pandemic and the consequences that Canada and the world are experiencing. We are seeing unimaginable actions taking place daily around the world and our Local is not immune.

On Friday, March 20, 2020, the Executive Board held an emergency conference call to discuss the many issues facing the Local as a result of the ongoing pandemic. In a series of unanimous decisions, the Executive Board has approved and delayed the following:

  • Local 2002 Executive Board Elections

  • Local 2002 Triennial Convention

  • Local 2002 Elections at Convention

The Executive Board unanimously agreed that the election schedule and Convention planning could not continue at this time when so many of our members have received layoff notices and many more are also facing the same prospect. Province after province are declaring a state of emergency and our members' priority is to remain focused on their safety, health, and that of their loved ones.



  • Elections for President, Secretary-Treasurer and Vice Presidents will occur in September 2020

  • Elections for Trustee Chair, Board of Trustee, Constitution and Bylaw Committee, Local Election Committee and Regional Council Delegates will occur in September 2020

  • As the current term is being extended for the (President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Vice Presidents), the subsequent term will be shortened to keep our triennial cycle intact, beginning in May 2023

  • Elections for workplace representatives are scheduled for the fall of 2020 (currently no change)



  • 2020 Convention Reports will be produced and distributed outlining the previous three years in accordance with our bylaws

  • Convention and bylaw resolutions will be deferred to the Executive Board for review once the Board can hold meetings

  • The Local’s plan to move to a new office site has been placed on hold

  • All conferences, Councils, courses, membership meetings, etc. have been canceled until further notice.



We are monitoring all the developments closely and will be updating our website and social media platforms. Reliable information is available through our website and that of Unifor National.

Unifor has developed an information hub containing resources on how your union is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit https://www.unifor.org/covid19


We thank all our workplace representatives for demonstrating leadership in this unprecedented time of crisis. Together with your support, we will get through this difficult time.

Be kind to one another, practice safety at all times and stay healthy.


In Solidarity,

Unifor Local 2002






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