Perimeter Aviation Flight Attendants members vote to strike if necessary

Perimeter Aviation Flight Attendants members vote to strike if necessary

April 10, 2017 at 12:30 PM


On April 8, 2017 the Unifor bargaining committee held membership meetings at the Victoria Inn, Winnipeg where we updated the Flight Attendants with information concerning contract negotiations. This was the set of meetings with the Flight Attendants members since Unifor presented Perimeter Aviation with proposals in December, 2016. The Union also conducted a strike vote with its members.

The membership unanimously supported the committees’ recommendation to the question, "Are you in favour of strike action, if necessary, in order to support our demands for a just and equitable contract settlement?"

Members voted 100 per cent in favour of strike action.

Unifor 2002 represents Flight Attendants at Perimeter Aviation. These members fly to remote communities in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, as well as charter services across North America. Perimeter Aviation currently has 5 Bombardier Dash 8's (100's and 300's) and is expanding operations.

Unifor began preparing proposals for a first collective agreement back in August, 2016 with non-monetary proposals being presented to Perimeter Aviation in December. Subsequent meetings were held in January and February, 2017. At that point, the bargaining committee felt that they were at a standstill on particular items. The Company has consistently taken the position that they are not going to be including some of our proposals due to it being a “first collective agreement” regardless if those same rights are included in the Canada Labour Code. Perimeter Aviation does not want to continue long-term practices that members have enjoyed to date. In addition, Perimeter Aviation will not agree to some of the essential components that must form part of any collective agreement (i.e. scope work, Union representation, etc.).

On February 6, 2017, the Unifor filed for conciliation with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS). FMCS appointed Conciliator Steve Samosinski who [then] has 60 days to assist both parties to explore potential solutions, an attempt to bring about a negotiated settlement. This is then followed by a 21-day processing or "cooling off” period. To date Union has met with the Company and the conciliator on March 27 and 28 and are scheduled to meet again on April 13, 2017. The conciliation process expires on April 15, 2017.

The bargaining committee would like to thank the membership for their unwavering support throughout these negotiations.

We will continue to keep you updated as we work through the bargaining process. During bargaining, all updates will be provided via Unifor 2002 bulletins. These bulletins will be available on the Unifor2002 website and via e-news. To receive updated news concerning negotiations, please subscribe to Unifor 2002 e-news by clicking here.


In Solidarity.

Your Unifor bargaining committee:
Cody Klassen, Bargaining representative
Kaitlin Gedeon, Bargaining representative
Ashley Watkins, Assistant to the Local President
Gina Smoke, Unifor National Representative



For more information, please contact:
Ashley Watkins, Assistant to the Local President



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