Unifor Pilots at Perimeter overwhelmingly say no to final offer

Unifor Pilots at Perimeter overwhelmingly say no to final offer

November 12, 2016 at 4:30 PM


Before merging with Unifor late last year, the Central Pilots Association (CPA) collective agreement with Perimeter Aviation had expired on April 1, 2015. The pilots at Perimeter eagerly wanted to bring about positive change; specifically improvements to the collective agreement.

Once merged with Unifor, the bargaining committee immediately began preparing for negotiations. Since opening bargaining with the company in March, Unifor has met the employer on a number of occasions. The last meeting held with the company was on October 21, where Perimeter Aviation tabled a 'final offer agreement.' As a result of receiving the final offer agreement, the bargaining committee felt obliged to present the offer to the membership. The committee sent out a bulletin advising that they do not support the final offer agreement and asked the membership to support this position.

Last night Unifor pilots at Perimeter turned out in large numbers to attend a ratification meeting held at the Victory Inn in Winnipeg. The membership overwhelmingly said no to the employer’s final offer agreement. 95% of the membership rejected the company's final offer.

"The Unifor membership at Perimeter has sent a clear message to the company; this offer is not enough," said Cheryl Robinson, President of Unifor 2002. "The Unifor pilots at Perimeter have always negotiated in good faith and have been patient and professional throughout this entire process. The work our members perform often takes them from home, sometimes into remote communities in the northern parts of our country, always offering the best service possible to their passengers. It’s time they are rewarded for their dedication and commitment."

Unifor will contact the employer early next week to ensure the membership’s message is clearly delivered and will also be requesting additional dates to meet with the employer.

Unifor 2002 would like to thank the Perimeter pilot group for their attendance and participation in the ratification meetings and would also encourage all members to work safely and professionally while your elected bargaining committee develops a strategy moving forward.

We will continue to keep you updated as we continue to navigate through the collective bargaining process.


In solidarity,

Your Unifor 2002 bargaining committee
Eric Ketonen, Bargaining Committee
Matt Brooker, Bargaining Committee
Ashley Watkins, Assistant to the Local President
Cheryl Robinson, Local 2002 President
Steve Kerrigan, National Staff Representative



For more information, please contact:
Ashley Watkins, Assistant to the Local President



Unifor 2002 represents more than 100 pilots at Perimeter Aviation in Winnipeg and Thompson, MB; a niche airline providing scheduled passenger, charter and medevac services, primarily to remote communities in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Perimeter Aviation has been in business since 1960 and currently operates a fleet of Dash 8 and Metroliner aircraft.


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