Executive Directory

Executive Directory


President and Secretary Treasurer

Euila Leonard - President
Tel: (888) 226-8885 ext: 230

Wade Ireland - Secretary Treasurer
Tel: (888) 226-8885 ext: 225


Vice Presidents

Tim Cheung - Pacific Region

Jan Sills - Western Region

Charlotte Pape - Central Region

Ada Zampini - Eastern Region

Gilles Goguen - Executive Vice President, Atlantic Region


Vice Presidents - Jazz

Don Ross - Jazz Technical Services / Maintenance, JTS

Christine Bower - Jazz Customer and Aircraft Services


Executive Board Members - Non Air Canada / Jazz Aviation units

Ross McConkey - Western Region

Chuck Doyle - Eastern Region

Antonios Kourteridis - GTAA


Chairperson - Board of Trustees

Ray O'Donohue


Assistants to the President

Theresa Amicarelli

Josée Genois

Ashley Watkins




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