GTAA: Strong Leadership

GTAA: Strong Leadership

April 22, 2016 at 1:30 PM




On March 31st the GTAA district leadership met at Unifor local 2002 headquarters to review and discuss collective bargaining strategies and prepare for upcoming negotiations.

In attendance were the district vice chairpersons, the GTAA bargaining committee, as well as several Unifor local 2002 representatives. This included President Cheryl Robinson, Vice president Rita Reid, and Mobilization Coordinator Sean Smith.

During the course of the leadership meeting, each of the vice chairpersons had the opportunity to speak and provide feedback and/or suggestions to the bargaining committee. They contributed immeasurably to the discussion and committed their support to the bargaining committee throughout the negotiation process.

The bargaining committee emphasized the importance of the vice chairpersons – now and during talks – and the important role they play in the mechanics of bargaining: clear and consistent communication throughout the process and effective mobilization of the membership when required.

In his closing remarks, Unifor District 333 Chairperson Antonios Kourteridis thanked all the vice chairpersons for attending the meeting and for their continued dedication and handwork.

"In time of significant changes, our Union leadership demonstrated a consistent commitment to representing the membership," said Kourteridis. "This dedication has united and strengthened our Union."



And the survey says...

On March 28th your Unifor Bargaining Committee tabulated the results of the recent membership surveys and compiled the preliminary proposals based on this information. We received the highest percentage of surveys in the history of our collective bargaining. Over 77 % of the membership completed a survey confirming what the committee suspected; the membership of the GTAA is determined to play an active role in constructing the new collective agreement.



Stronger Membership

On April 8th, Unifor held proposal meetings at the Alt Hotel. The results of the survey were presented at several proposal meetings enabling the membership to voice any additional requirements they would like addressed by the bargaining committee.

The Meetings were well attended with over 300 members participating. These members provided additional valuable information and feedback. Members expressed their confidence that the bargaining committee has captured the main issues and are heading in the right direction.



Bargaining set to begin

Unifor and the GTAA are scheduled to formally open talks on Tuesday, May 3rd in Toronto. In attendance will be your bargaining committee, as well as Unifor National President Jerry Dias. As we move closer to opening day, be sure to stay informed. If you have not already done so, please subscribe to Unifor 2002 e-news alerts. A link can be found on the Unifor 2002 website:



Your GTAA Bargaining Committee
Antonios Kourteridis, Bargaining Chairperson
Mario Di Nardo, Bargaining Representative - Airside
Jeff Hatt, Bargaining Representative - Skilled Trades
Pauline Leloudas, Bargaining Representative - Professional & Support
Adriana Pejkusic, Bargaining Representative - Operations
Sreten Stamenkovic, Bargaining Representative - Facilities
Ashley Watkins, Assistant to the Local President
Cheryl Robinson, Unifor Local 2002 President
Gary Ellis, Unifor National Representative



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