Health and Welfare Trustees: Eastern region and Central region review

Health and Welfare Trustees: Eastern region and Central region review

June 5, 2017 at 7:00 AM


A Trustee is required from each Region (Pacific, Western, Central, Eastern and Atlantic) to serve on the Group Income Disability Insurance Plan (GIDIP) Board for Unifor Local 2002 Health and Welfare Trust which covers Aeroplan, Air Canada mainline and CLS Catering employees depending on the Region.

The Unifor Local 2002 Health & Welfare Trust is a trustee plan that is operated at arm’s length from the Local Union and is overseen by trustees appointed by the Unifor Local 2002 Executive Board. Each GIDIP Trustee is appointed for a 3 year term; however these terms are staggered among the Regions. The purpose for staggering the terms is to not lose the skill set, experience, and training of the Trustees in the same year.

Currently the term of office for the Eastern and Central Regions is ending. Although our current GIDIP trustees may re-apply, the bylaws require us to post appointed positions. The reason is that by its virtue, posting the positions gives an automatic review; it gives transparency and allows the Local to do its due diligence by asking if anyone in our membership is more qualified to be a Trustee.

As a trustee, you are the person who holds the legal title to the trust property on behalf of the beneficiary, i.e. membership. You will be accepting a fiduciary relationship with the beneficiary of the trust.

You will be required to attend quarterly trustee meetings that take place in Toronto at the Plan Administrators office. The meetings are usually 2 days each quarter at which time the management of the Fund is reviewed and members concerns regarding their insurance claims are addressed. Your duties include monitoring the development of the GIDIP program; negotiating with the insurance underwriter with respect to benefit coverage and improvements, annual renewal of the Plan including premium rates, underwriting revisions and debatable claim situations; and generally policing the overall effectiveness of the GIDIP program.

The successful candidate will be a Unifor member of the Air Canada mainline bargaining unit for Central and from either Air Canada or Aeroplan for Eastern Region. You must be a self-starter, preferably with union experience, have an interest in employee benefits, and have a commitment to serving the membership in a fair and equitable manner. This position requires that the successful candidate volunteer a sizable amount of time to the handling of members’ calls for assistance. This would be on the Trustees own time and at irregular hours.

The successful applicant must also have a desire to expand his/her knowledge through ongoing training.

The term of office ends May 31, 2020 subject to yearly reviews. Only qualified applicants will be interviewed. Please mail, scan or fax your statement of qualifications and cover letter no later than Monday June 19, 2017 at 12:00 EST to:

Unifor Local 2002 – GIDIP Trustee position
Attn: Kerry Turner
7015 Tranmere Drive, Unit 5
Mississauga, Ontario L5S 1M2
Fax: (905) 678-0100 / (866) 635-5956



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