2002 Expense Account Guidelines

2002 Expense Account Guidelines

Reasonable expenses incurred while performing Local Union business may be claimed in accordance with the following guidelines. All expense claims must be submitted within 60 days on the approved Local Union expense forms. Do not photocopy previous expense forms and use as new. ALL ORIGINAL RECEIPTS MUST BE INCLUDED, or a new expense report will need to be submitted with missing receipt.


District Officers / Others

All expense reports are to be submitted to the Regional Vice President for authorization.


Local 2002 Officers

Submit expense reports to the Secretary Treasurer at Local 2002 Headquarters:
Unifor Local 2002, Suite 5 - 7015 Tranmere Drive, ON  L5S 1M2


Union Time Off: Pre-approval of time off to conduct Local Union business must be obtained from the employer by the Local Union Toronto office and requires pre-approval by your Regional Vice President. Once time off is authorized by the employer and found not to be required, the approved time off will be cancelled with the employer.

Officers, who are not off full time and are approved to conduct Local Union business on a scheduled day off, will be compensated at the rate of $23.00/hr. up to the max of $184.00 Yellow copy of the expense form must accompany the white when making a claim on a scheduled day off. Keep the Pink copy for your records.

Once we have the SIN number on file, it is not necessary on further expense forms.

Expenses in excess of an "Officer's Monthly Expense Allowance" shall be reimbursed upon approval of an expense claim listing all expenditures supported with receipts, including those of the entire expense allowance.

Quarterly expense allowances are to be used for all union related expenses including, postage, tea/coffee with a member, mileage etc.

Purchases of equipment, furniture, computer repair and other expensive items require approval from HQ.

Shift trades: photocopy of cheque or receipt from person accepting the cash must be sent with expense report.


Daily In-town Expenses

Meal Per diem: Officers, not off full time that are away from their normal place of work on approved union business, may claim a meal per diem of $40.00.

Mileage: must be pre-approved and will be paid at the rate of $.42/km. If approved on a scheduled day off, show total kms from home in each direction, if approved on a scheduled work day claim only the mileage over and above normal mileage to work. If not greater than going to work, no claim should be made.


Out of Town Travel expenses

Air Travel: attach a copy of the airline travel final billing, including service charges/taxes/other fees (AIF etc.). Use of C1 airline passes not permitted without prior approval of the Secretary Treasurer. Full Fare tickets require pre-approval.

Taxis, Ground Transportation, Parking, Car rentals must be pre-approved. Taxi charges are claimable in the home city only for out of town travel. Hotel shuttles should be used where available. Officers with airport parking passes are expected to use them.

Mileage: must be pre-approved and will be paid at the rate of $.42/km.

Meal Per Diem: (when meals not provided), Breakfast $25.00/Lunch $25.00/Dinner $40.00.The first day of departure and subsequent days claim up to $90.00. Return day and one-day trips claim up to $40.00 unless all meals were necessary.

Hotel accommodation: to be arranged through the Local's office and requires pre-approval by your Regional Vice President. If it needs to be cancelled please contact Unifor Local 2002 Administration as soon as possible as as not to incur further costs.

Phone/fax/email charges: use phone cards when applicable for long distance for approved Local Union business and reasonable calls to place of residence. To claim phone bills must show phone receipt.

Childcare: Upon pre-approval the Local Union will pay reasonable child care expenses (receipts required) while on approved union business. You may only expense over and above what would have normally been spent.


Expenses need to be legible, include Postal Codes, and District numbers


/Updated: June, 2017