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To all Unifor 2002 Members: Personnel changes

In mid-April, Air Canada began the process to implement Early Retirement Incentive Packages (ERIP) in order to mitigate layoffs as stipulated in the Group Termination provisions of the Canadian Labour Code. Although this is an Air Canada initiative, the result has had an impact on several Unifor 2002 elected and appointed positions...

4:00 PM | June 18, 2021

Air Canada Bargaining Committee Update

Great news! With the high number of members retiring and with the positive outlook on the pandemic recovery, the company has been shifting from layoffs to recalling employees back to the workplace...

4:30 PM | June 15, 2021

Unifor Response to Priority strategies to optimize testing and quarantine at Canada’s borders

Unifor is pleased to see the government finally begin to engage on plans to re-start travel, but a more fulsome plan is required.

9:58 AM | June 15, 2021

Talks break down with Perimeter Aviation

Talks have stalled due to the employer’s lack of vision to negotiate a fair contract for our valued Perimeter Aviation Flight Attendants...

5:00 PM | June 14, 2021

Indigenous Rights and Title and the Duty to Consult: Webinar June 15, 2021

Hello Friend!
June is Indigenous History Month! I am hosting a series of Turtle Island Webinars each week this month. Please join us for our third powerful webinar in the series.

10:53 AM | June 11, 2021

Unifor horrified by Islamophobic London, Ontario car attack

Unifor is horrified by reports of a car attack on Sunday evening in London, Ontario that left four family members dead and a nine-year old child, the sole survivor, in hospital with life-threatening injuries...

4:00 PM | June 8, 2021

EVAS D510: Election - 2 Bargaining committee member, Non-Standing

This notice is to advise all members of Unifor Local 2002 that, in accordance with the Bylaws of Unifor Local 2002, an election will take place for the above-mentioned position(s)...

10:00 AM | June 7, 2021
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