Finance and Accounting


The Financial/Recording Secretary shall be responsible for ensuring that all funds and income of the Local Union received are promptly deposited in the name of the Local Union in a chartered bank and/or credit union, that is supportive of the aims of the labour movement, subject to the approval of the Executive Board.

The Financial/Recording Secretary also manages the day-to-day operation of the offices.


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If you have an accounting question or inquiry concerning an expense report, please contact us.


To reach a member in the Finance and Accounting department, please see the following contacts:

Charlotte Pape
Secretary Treasurer
Tel: (905) 678-1551 | (888) 226-8885 ext: 225

Ranju Verma
Senior Accountant, CPA, CGA
Tel: (905) 678-1551 | (888) 226-8885 ext: 229



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