Unifor Local 2002 adopts policies on issues affecting workers in Canada and around the word to guide bargaining and advocacy efforts.

The following policies were adopted by Unifor Local 2002 (March, 2023).



The following policies were adopted by Unifor Local 2002 (December, 2022).



The following policies were adopted by Unifor Local 2002 at convention in Port Elgin (May, 2017).


  • Two-tier Wages

  • Gender Neutral Language

  • Economic Action


Two-tier Wages (2017)

WHEREAS, everything prosperous within the union has been won through struggle and not handed down from out of the kindness of the employer's hearts. Unions were born to create fairness, equality, and improving working conditions in all workplaces and industries. We have a moral obligation to fight for our members. The successes we gain for our members within the Labour Movement are what we want for everyone.

WHEREAS, many collective agreements now have two-tier collective agreements, where new hires are forced to accept inferior wages, pensions, benefits, or working conditions, that undermines solidarity and creates division in the workplace, which all workers lose under these schemes. Whereas, Solidarity is what the Labour Movement is all about and we cannot build Solidarity between generations if we accept two-tier collective agreements.

WHEREAS, some companies have become more creative about demanding concessions that erode all the past gains that Unions have negotiated, pitting one's bargaining objectives against the others, to squeeze both members for more concessions. Nothing divides a union membership like contractually creating a second class of membership. Through the two-tiered wages are stealing from future generations and making our members more vulnerable. Future generations should be better off than the past, which in turn brings prosperity to society in the future.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, Unifor is committed to ensuring the next generation of workers enjoys the benefits that Unifor members have already fought and won. We bargain forwards, not backwards, that Bargaining Committees within our Local will stand united in solidarity to eliminate the two-tier wage, benefit, pension and temporary worker structure, demanding in bargaining negotiations that equal wages for equal work are respected and a bridge to bring the inferior wages, benefits, pensions and worker structure up to the current levels to reflect the membership as a whole.



Gender Neutral Language (2017)

WHEREAS, Unifor Local 2002 strives to ensure equality in all aspects of the Local union;

WHEREAS, The men and women that form Unifor Local 2002 are equally important parts of the labour movement;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, All Unifor Local 2002 documents be written using gender neutral language, including collective agreements.



Economic Action (2017)

(originally submitted in 1986)

WHEREAS: it is of vital importance to continually promote Union solidarity amongst our members, especially during times of economic action; and

WHEREAS: it is fact that our members' standard of living does deteriorate during a legal strike and that they are in greatest need of moral and financial support during such a period of time.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the Local Union encourage all its members to participate in and support the legal strike activities of our members in all other units. Such support should include, but not be limited to:

  1. fund raising

  2. picket line participation

  3. letters to the Corporation opposing their position

  4. cards/telegrams of encouragement to the members picketing








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