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Unifor Local 2002 - Political Action Committee

The Political Action Committee is comprised of representatives from five regions in Canada.

Our mission is to mobilize and support national campaigns and regional issues that affect all our members, from coast to coast to coast.

We encourage you to go and talk to our Unifor family. Together we can make a difference.

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Make your voice heard in the Nova Scotia Election. Pledge to vote now.

With the Nova Scotia provincial election campaign underway, workers in the province are looking to all political parties for policies that protect good jobs and support key industries, safeguard and strength-en crucial social services, including health care, and include bold measures to ensure that the economy will #BuildBackBetter from the pandemic.

Election Day is Tuesday, August 17, 2021.

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Canada Needs a Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep global aircraft fleets grounded, sending Canada’s aviation sector into a tailspin. On this grim, one year anniversary of the pandemic, the federal government has not implemented any industry-wide measures to protect aviation workers as thousands are laid off who are directly or in-directly connected, whether they are airline or airport workers, aviation support services workers, paramedics, workers in the hospitality or Food services sector. Canada needs a plan to ensure the aviation industry is able to weather this storm and come out the other side intact.

Additional resources available here [LINK]




Petition to Save Canadian Aviation

We urge that the Local 2002 Unifor members to act now and call on all Members of Parliament to immediately implement Unifor’s National recovery plan for Canada’s Aviation sector to protect thousands of workers in this critical industry.

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Recovery Plan

Any recovery strategy must focus on three main pillars:

  1. An industry-specific corporate support package that ensures benefits flow through workers and communities.
  2. An updated approach to border controls that is rigorous, safe and reflects scientific evidence; and
  3. Continued government support programs for furloughed employees until recovery is secured.

Unifor has put forward a document entitled: "Planning for a Stronger and More Resilient Future, A National Aviation Recovery Plan for Canada’s Aviation Industry" which explains the three main pillars identified above.

Please click here to download [PDF]




Build Back Better

Last November, Unifor sent a letter to the Prime Minister's Office notifying that Unifor is prepared to work together with hotel employers, industry groups, the broader labour movement, provincial and federal governments, Indigenous communities, representatives from other hard-hit sectors, and other stakeholders, to build a comprehensive, strategic, and inclusive recovery plan for the hospitality sector. Canada needs a Build Back Better plan which leaves no sector behind when we come out of this pandemic.

Learn more at buildbackbetter.unifor.org [LINK]




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