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The women's advocate provides referrals on issues such as sexual assault, domestic violence, anger management, suicide prevention, depression, pregnancy, separation and divorce, and stress. The role of the women's advocate is to listen and support, to provide information, to refer women to appropriate resources and to follow up in a confidential manner.

With ongoing activism and involvement in their union, workplaces and communities, these women will bring experience and support to the members of Unifor 2002.

To reach a Women's Advocate, please see the following contacts:


Air Canada

Atlantic Region
Maria Rodrigues
Tel: (855) 235-3114 / (902) 873-2316

Eastern Region
Judith Portelance
Tel: (855) 252-8076 / (514) 422-4244

Central Region
Yolanda Cornwall 
Tel: (647) 613-0277

Western Region
Leanne Sookram
Tel: (855) 252-8078  /  (204) 941-2041

Pacific Region
Sue Sitter
Tel: (855) 252-8079  /  (604) 276-4776



Erin Draper (Vancouver)
Tel: (604) 295-4120 [to leave a message]

Carmelle Senosier (Montreal)
Tel: (514) 575-9005


ASP Security Services

Purnima Poojari
Tel: (647) 429-7861



Desiree Andrade
Tel: (647) 355-8631



Peggy MacGougan-MacDonald



Terri Busch (East)
Tel: (877) 252-5144

Linda Gagnon (West)
Tel: (877) 252-5144

Manon Boucher (Bilingual)
Tel: (877) 252-5144



Amy Broderick



TBA - Montreal

Toll Free number: 1-877-416- 4376  


Additional resources available through the Unifor website