Women's Committee


Women's Committee


Mission Statement of Unifor Women's Committee

We are a Women’s Committee representing our members in all provinces and territories. We will encourage women to seek leadership roles and become more active in our union, and promote education to all members in order to affect change.

A five person National Women's Committee was created with the following parameters:

  • One member representing each of the five regions - Atlantic, Eastern, Central, Western and Pacific.
  • 3-year terms of office.
  • Committee to meet 3 times a year and report to the Local 2002 Executive Board on actions it has taken in the Regions and Nationally.
  • Committee's mandate is to take actions that will benefit all women across the country; such as promoting early maternity leaves, preventing violence against women, campaigning to end child poverty and child labour and address any other women's issues.


Canada needs a national action plan on gender-based violence


Canadian Human Trafficking hotline

  • 1-833-900-1010

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