Quiz on women and politics

1. Women won the right to vote in federal elections in Canada on...

    a) March 8th, 1876
    b) May 24th, 1918
    c) December 10th, 1947
    d) July 1st 1897

2. Canadian women were legally declared persons in..

    a) 1847
    b) 1906
    c) 1921
    d) 1929

3. The first province to grant women the right to vote was..

    a) Manitoba
    b) Quebec
    c) Nova Scotia
    d) British Columbia

4. The last province to grant women the right to vote was...

    a) Saskatchewan 1916
    b) Nova Scotia 1918
    c) Quebec 1940
    d) Alberta 1943

5. The first country to grant women the right to vote was...

    a) Finland 1906
    b) Canada 1917
    c) Denmark 1905
    d) New Zealand 1893

6. The last of legalized voting restrictions, including racial discrimination in Canada's electoral system when aboriginal women and men gained the right to vote without having to sacrifice their Indian status and treaty rights, were removed in...

    a) 1923
    b) 1947
    c) 1960
    d) 1997

7. As of Dec 2003, the country with the highest percentage of women elected to parliament is....

    a) Wales - 50%
    b) Rwanda - 48%
    c) Sweden - 45%
    d) Denmark - 38%

8. The first woman elected to the House of Commons (from 1921 to 1940) was...

    a) Kim Campbell
    b) Agnes MacPhail
    c) Jeanne Sauvé
    d) Rosemary Brown

9. Women in Lower Canada (Quebec) were disenfranchised (lost the right to vote) in what year?

    a) 1796
    b) 1832
    c) 1946
    d) 1948

10. As of December 2003, Canada ranked out of 181 countries in the percentage of women elected into a lower or single house...

    a) 1st at 48% women
    b) 36th at 21% women
    c) 57th at 14.3% women
    d) 93rd at 7.7% women

11. The Canadian federal government department whose role it is to promote gender equality and the full participation of women in the economic, social, cultural and political life of the country is....

    a) Department of Women
    b) Human Rights Department of Canada
    c) Centre for gender equality
    d) Status of Women Canada