Health and Safety


The role of Unifor Local 2002’s health and safety department is to promote the safety and health of it's members by enforcing standards; providing training and education; establishing and cultivating partnerships; and encouraging continual process improvement in workplace safety and health committee's.


To reach a member of the Health and Safety team, please see the following contacts:

Sylvie Schmitt
National Health and Safety Coordinator
Air Canada Mainline
Tel: (416) 258-5080

Geoffrey Bierman 
National Health and Safety Coordinator
Jazz Aviation Line Technical Services
Tel/Cell: (514) 467 8138

Jeff Decker
National Health and Safety Coordinator
Jazz Technical Services
Tel: (902) 818-7169

Manon Boucher
National Health and Safety Coordinator
Jazz Aviation Customer and Aircraft Services
Tel: 416-884-8706


For more information, please see the links below:

OHS: Right to refuse dangerous work (LINK)

OHS: Work place refusal to work flow chart (LINK)

Unifor National Covid 19 Information (LINK)


Our Mandate

  • Foster and promote health and safety to all our units within the scope of our Local 2002.
  • Facilitate the exchange information and ideas on matters within our jurisdiction and to encourage and foster education and programs to make our representative more involved in all aspects of health and safety consciousness.


Role of the Department

  • Provide unbiased, relevant information and advice that supports responsible decision-making and promotes safe and healthy working environments.
  • Provide training or direction that will increase the knowledge base of our representatives.


What we offer

  • From the simple steps of beginning the internal complaint resolution process or acknowledging the many health and safety concerns of our members, to handling and guiding the members in the "Right to Refuse” process of both the Provincial and Federal jurisdiction.
  • All 3 coordinators are available 24/7 to meet the needs of a growing membership, and to offer steady guidance on all the developments that our  representative will encounter on a daily basis.