Air Canada: Clarification on Mask Policy

Air Canada: Clarification on Mask Policy

February 5, 2021 at 3:30 PM



The Bargaining Committee was advised of the new Mask Wearing Policy yesterday afternoon during a Zoom Meeting. Contrary to what Anthony Doyle’s message mentioned, the Bargaining Committee never gave its approval on this policy and no discussion occurred between the Union and the Company before Air Canada’s decision was made to implement it.

Unifor certainly understands the need to provide a secure work environment to the Contact Centre Employees, however, we have concerns about the necessity of applying such a drastic policy considering the very low number of employees still working within the various locations.

We immediately voiced our objections and also reiterated our request to allow all employees who are volunteering to participate in the Work from Home Program. Air Canada laconically responded that they would not move on this request until the grievance that Unifor has filed on the issue would be heard.

We understand how difficult this new policy can be for our members and we will advise you of any further developments.

In solidarity,

Your Unifor 2002 Bargaining Committee and
Your Unifor 2002 Health and Safety Representatives



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