Tentative Agreement Reached with Jazz Aviation: Crew Scheduling

Tentative Agreement Reached with Jazz Aviation: Crew Scheduling

May 30, 2018 at 4:45 PM
We are pleased to announce that after two years of collective bargaining, Unifor Local 2002 has reached a tentative agreement with Jazz Aviation – Crew Scheduling.  

Jazz Bargaining Committee opened talks with the Company back in 2016, however, as soon as the talks began, it was apparent that the Company was reluctant to pursue some of our proposals.  With that in mind, the Bargaining Committee decided to suspend talks and wait until all other bargaining units had ratified their agreements. The Bargaining Committee worked very diligently on this agreement to bring stability and equitability to the membership.  

The details of the new tentative agreement will be presented at the upcoming ratification meetings on Wednesday, June 6, at the ALT Hotel (Halifax Airport) in the Cyan room.  Please see below for times.

Ratification Meeting Schedule:
The Bargaining Committee will be on hand to review the details of the new agreement and to answer any of your questions/concerns you may have. We strongly urge the members of Jazz – Crew Scheduling to attend a ratification meeting in order to make an informed decision and to cast your vote. 

Your Bargaining Committee is unanimously endorsing this tentative agreement and recommends members to vote “yes”. As per Article 17 of the Unifor Constitution, voting will only take place at the prescribed times listed below.
Date: Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Location: ALT Hotel (Halifax Airport) - Cyan Room
Times: 13:30-14:30 and 16:00-17:00
Please ensure that you have subscribed to Unifor 2002’s e-news service at www.unifor2002.org.  

Our fight is your fight, and we will continue to fight for equality as we build a stronger more relevant Union.  Unifor is a Union for Everyone! 

In Solidarity,

Jazz Bargaining Committee
Chuck MacAulay – Chairperson
Lori Reid, Bargaining -Committee Representative 
Ashley Watkins – Assistant to the President
Euila Leonard – President of Unifor Local 2002
Chad Johnston- Unifor National Staff Representative 

For more information, please contact Ashley Watkins,
Assistant to the President