Unifor horrified by Islamophobic London, Ontario car attack

Unifor horrified by Islamophobic London, Ontario car attack

June 8, 2021 at 4:00 PM




Unifor is horrified by reports of a car attack on Sunday evening in London, Ontario that left four family members dead and a nine-year old child, the sole survivor, in hospital with life-threatening injuries.

This afternoon, London’s police chief, Steve Williams, stated that investigators believed this to be an intentional act, and that this family was targeted because of their Islamic faith. The perpetrator was arrested on Sunday evening.

The shockwaves of this horror are only now beginning to spread through media, through private conversations, and through our communities.

"The actions of Islamophobic and hate-motivated terrorists reveal the worst in our society," said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President. "I share grief with Muslim brothers and sisters across the country and with the London community. I also share the responsibility that every person in Canada holds, to step up and stop racism in our communities."

Unifor echoes the calls for justice, support and solidarity issued by the London Muslim Mosque following the attack.

The Mosque is hosting a public vigil at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, June 8 to remember the family lost. Social distancing will be in effect, and attendees are asked to wear facemasks. The vigil will be livestreamed on the London Muslim Mosque Facebook and Instagram pages for those who are unable to attend in person.

The National Council of Canadian Muslims tracked more than 300 incidents of violence against Muslim people in Canada between 2014 and 2019, including more than 30 acts of physical violence.

"As a Muslim woman, and a mother, my heart breaks for the boy who survived, and for every parent and child who now fears an evening walk that so many families have come to cherish during this terrible year," said Naureen Rizvi, Unifor Ontario Regional Director. "We cannot ease that pain today, but we can prevent future horrors by seeking out and stopping hate everywhere that it takes root in Canada."

White supremacy and racism, perpetuated both out in the open in politics, and in online communities, have contributed to a growing swell of right-wing violence that targets Muslim people in Canada.

Unifor rejects racism in all forms and remains committed to continue to work vigilantly against Islamophobia and all hate-based violence in the workplace and the community.


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