ORNGE: Letters of Understandings 17-20

ORNGE: Letters of Understandings 17-20

December 2, 2007 at 12:00 AM

Letter from District Chairperson Chuck Telky to CAW members at ORNGE


Brothers and Sisters,

The Union met with the Ornge yesterday in order to continue our ongoing discussions. We originally started to meet with Ornge to discuss LOU # 15, as outlined in the letter to the membership dated November 25th, 2007. After a full day of discussions we had agreed to four additional letters of understandings. These additional letters include; Letter of Understanding(s) 17, 18, 19 and 20.

Letter of Understanding # 17 is the Internal CCLTP Posting Program. This will expedite the internal posting for all Hub and Spoke bases. In addition, this will also allow members to apply to a posting where there currently is no availability. Once the applicants have been selected for the CCLTP, the vacated opening(s) will then be awarded to the applicant who is qualified under article 58 and LOU #15. This prevents all vacated positions from having to be re-posted.

Letter of Understanding # 18 clarifies the role of a newly created position in the bargaining unit called the “Floater Position”. This position was first identified in LOU# 15. We have defined the staffing levels, per vehicle, within Ornge Transport Medicine.

Letter of understanding # 19 describes a process that was not clearly defined in our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). It outlines a process for line changes within your own base.

Letter of Understanding # 20 outlines how all non-union employees are to be scheduled on the A/C. This clearly defines how our members are given preference prior to those who are outside the bargaining unit.

Once again the Union and Ornge have agreed on the language of issues that have been outstanding or have not been clearly defined under the CBA. We will continue to work towards upholding the Collective Agreement and representing our members to the fullest.

In Solidarity,


Chuck Telky
Chairperson, District 344

cc. Julie Merko, Bargaining Committee Member – South
     Bill Lewis, Bargaining Committee Member – North
     Ashley Watkins, Executive Assistant – East
     Ron Smith, CAW National Representative


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