ORNGE: Snake Lake helicopter accident involves CAW members

ORNGE: Snake Lake helicopter accident involves CAW members

February 9, 2008 at 12:00 AM

Two Sudbury based CAW members involved in accident on approach to helipad

Two members of CAW Local 2002 were involved in an accident during the evening of February 8, 2008 as their helicopter approached the helipad at Snake Lake, Ontario.  The crew was enroute to a call when the accident occurred.  The CAW members are paramedics who travel by helicopter and fixed wing aircraft throughout Ontario to provide critical care transport. 

From initial information at the crash site the helicopter was on final approach when the accident occurred. The Canadian Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating the cause of the accident.  Both of our CAW members sustained injuries, one has now been discharged from hospital while the other remains in hospital.  Members of the flight crew also sustained injuries and remain in hospital.

Leslie Dias, President of CAW Local 2002 said, “On behalf of our whole membership I have conveyed our concerns about the impact of the accident on our ORNGE members and the flight crew.  We will do everything possible to assist the families in any way we can.”

The CAW is working with ORNGE management who has responded in a fully supportive manner for all employees at ORNGE.  They have arranged for EAP and crisis support.

For information on EAP and crisis support CAW members should contact their base manager or their local CAW officers.