Ornge Bargaining update

Ornge Bargaining update

November 23, 2012 at 5:00 PM

On Monday, November 19 the CAW met with the company to begin bargaining. Present for the union were Ron Smith - CAW’s Director of Transportation, Ashley Watkins - CAW Local 2002 Executive Assistant, Chuck Telky - Chairperson, Dan Lefebvre - Northern Bargaining Representative and Mike Chad - Southern Bargaining Representative. Present for the company were Rob Giguere, Stephen Patterson, Foster Brown, and Rhonda Vande Vyvere.

The priority of business on Monday was to discuss and clarify what work provided by our members is deemed as an essential service covered within the collective agreement. By the end of the day we exchanged proposals that agreed that the scope of work covered by Ornge members is considered an essential service. Due to this resolution if Ornge and the CAW are not able to reach agreement during this round of negotiations, we may be required to take our outstanding issues to binding arbitration. Additionally, one-hundred per cent of staffing levels will be maintained and no strike or lockout will occur.

We also agreed that the current terms and conditions of the expired collective bargaining agreement would remain until a new agreement is established.

The CAW has set dates for January and February of next year to start proposing language. We will keep you posted as this progress unfolds.


In Solidarity,

Chuck Telky, Chairperson and Bargaining Representative
Dan Lefebvre, Northern Bargaining Representative
Mike Chad - Southern Bargaining Representative
Ron Smith, CAW Director of Transportation
Ashley Watkins, CAW Local 2002 Executive Assistant



For further information, please contact:
Chuck Telky, Chairperson and Bargaining Representative