Ornge: Critical Care Land Unit update

Ornge: Critical Care Land Unit update

November 10, 2008 at 12:00 AM

Brothers and Sisters,

The company announced Monday that the Windsor Critical Care Land Unit (CCLU) base will not open at this time and the Toronto and Peterborough CCLU’s will only roll out on a twelve hour/seven day a week operation. Based on this announcement the union is left with some difficult decisions in determining who qualifies for the positions that are available at the remaining two bases, Toronto and Peterborough, as the company has capped the FTE per vehicle to 7 full time members.

The company has also committed to finding positions throughout the system to absorb all full time staff, however in order to do this the company will make some personnel changes which may include the laying off of some current employees. The union will determine who qualifies for placement in the two CCLU bases as per article 63.03 and 63.04. The 14 total positions for the two bases will be filled based on the 14 most senior members who were originally assigned to Windsor, Toronto, and Peterborough CCLU. Within the next 24 hours the company will announce a new round of additional open positions. These positions will be open for bid to all members, not just the members displaced. The process to qualify for these positions will be followed as per CBA article 58, LOU#15, and LOU#17. ( link). Please review your seniority ranking to ensure its accuracy ( attached). Keep in mind that although some of you have been ranked on the seniority list, if you are currently under the six-month probation period, then as per article 16.03 your seniority ranking is zero until the completion of your probation.

The union understands the impact this may have on some members and their families and is prepared to work with those members in order to try to mitigate this impact.


In Solidarity,

Chuck Telky