Ornge: Toronto Island to close helicopter operation

Ornge: Toronto Island to close helicopter operation

October 19, 2010 at 4:30 PM

The CAW has learned that Ornge – the medical transport organization that utilizes more than 400 employees in Ontario – is closing down its Toronto Island Medivac helicopter base and moving the operation to Hamilton.

This move is being regarded as a negative step as it will add significant wait-time to critical care patients in Toronto and the surrounding area. CAW President Ken Lewenza is calling the move “frightening” while CAW Local 2002 President Leslie has commented, “These helicopters carry people who require high levels of medical care to hospitals in Toronto hospitals like Sick Children's, St. Michael's and Sunnybrook to receive specialized medical care. There is no doubt that people will suffer as a result of this decision.”

The move to Hamilton will be a less costly undertaking for the Company, but will ultimately increase wait times in the Greater Toronto Area.

A meeting for Ornge members affected by this closure (Toronto Island, Markham, and Peterborough bases) is scheduled for tomorrow night as follows:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1900 – 2200 hrs.

Delta Hotel – Toronto East
2035 Kennedy Road
Scarborough, ON M1T3G2
Tel: (416) 299-1500

Eglington Room


Please note: Parking will be provided by the CAW. Please do not pay at the meter. A sign-up form will be available at the Eglington Room to record your license plate.






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