Important Update for Unifor members at Paladin Airport Security Services (PASS)

Important Update for Unifor members at Paladin Airport Security Services (PASS)

April 1, 2024 at 4:00 PM




Greetings Unifor Members,

The changeover to the new employer – Paladin Airport Security Services (PASS) – has reportedly occurred without issues. The day started, and is continuing, without any report of contract violations. The employer has advised that it recognizes, and will adhere to upholding, the existing collective bargaining agreement. Unifor will rely on the employer to make any process changes and ensure they are not violating the union/employer contract. Additionally, there are no existing grievances on file.



Unifor Local 2002 will be issuing a writ of nomination for a new District Chairperson within the next 72 hours. The terms and details of the election will be part of those writs.

Every union position is voluntary and everyone who steps up to take on the role deserves respect and appreciation. While a small stipend and afforded time-off to perform the job is granted, the role of district chairperson may be challenging, but it is also incredibly rewarding. Ken Lewenza, former national president once said, “being a district chairperson is the hardest job in the union’. In the last 6 months the membership came to realize the important value of having a District Chairperson in the workplace.



Over the next couple of weeks, Unifor will navigate the through the details (i.e. management processes, workplace culture, communications, etc.) of PASS and its affiliation with Unifor. Your union will continue to support the membership and will move forward with the election of a new District Chairperson.

We would also like to give special thanks and respect to the former District Chairperson of GardaWorld (under Unifor Local 2002). Their involvement demonstrated knowledge, availability, amazing comradery with both the employer, Vice Chairpersons, and the membership. We also recognize and respect their personal decision to step away from this union position at this time.

Today, the existing 18 union members will fill the void and will be on hand to interact directly with the members.

Once again, thank you for showing us how valuable the role of District Chairperson is. Good luck to the candidates who step forward for this important and challenging union role.





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