Unifor Local 2002 Members at Paladin Airport Security Services

Unifor Local 2002 Members at Paladin Airport Security Services

July 3, 2024 at 1:30 PM

Dear Members working at the Calgary International Airport:

We have received an application filed at the Canada Industrial Relations Board in which Paladin complains that employees represented by Unifor Local 2002 intend to participate in an unlawful strike by engaging in a concerted work refusal or work slowdown commencing July 5, 2024.   The collective agreement between Unifor Local 2002 and Paladin provides that no strike or lockout can occur during the term of the collective agreement. This is also required by the Canada Labour Code.
Paladin is complaining that employees intend to engage in an unlawful strike by doing the following: fully screening every traveller at passenger screening checkpoints without reason in order to slow down screening procedures, protesting to travellers concerning ongoing grievances during breaks and time off, carrying water bottles while working and threatening to stop work if not permitted to carry water bottles on duty, and/or stopping work to attend the information rally the Union has planned for July 5, 2024. Paladin is complaining that such conduct would be a violation of the Canada Labour Code.

The Union’s duty is to advise you that you should not engage in any concerted work slowdown or work refusal. For example, it would be a violation of the collective agreement and the Canada Labour Code to stop work to attend the Union’s rally, or to take personal or sick time in concert in order to attend the Union’s rally. The Union does not condone such concerted conduct. If you engage in a concerted effort by slowing down or refusing work in order to win employment concessions from the employer, it will amount to a strike as defined in the Canada Labour Code. Strikes are prohibited while a collective agreement is in force.
The Union is committed to rectifying all grievances that may be of concern to the bargaining unit, and particular, the grievances concerning Screening Officers not receiving proper breaks or adequate access to water while on duty. We are continuing to engage with the employer about those issues.

In the meantime, we advise you that Unifor Local 2002 does not condone or support any strike, work stoppage or work slowdown by our bargaining unit members during the term of the present collective agreement because such action would be a violation of the collective agreement and the Canada Labour Code.
In solidarity, In solidarity, In solidarity,
Tammy Moore Tyler Haydey Kelly-Anne Wilson
Unifor Local 2002
National Representative
Bargaining Unit Chairperson
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