Update for Unifor members at SkyLink Express

Update for Unifor members at SkyLink Express

September 7, 2022 at 12:00 PM


On September 1, 2022, Unifor representatives were requested to participate on a case management teleconference (CMT) at the request of the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB). This virtual meeting was attended by Sundeep Gokhale, legal counsel for SkyLink Express, as well as Anthony Dale and Erin Masters, legal counsel for Unifor. Bruce Snow, Unifor National Transportation Director was also in attendance on behalf of the Union.

The primary focus of the CMT was to discuss the ongoing Maintenance of Activities application before the CIRB. SkyLink Express asserts that their services are “unique” and that further clarification is required by both the Union and the Employer pertaining to SkyLink’s application.

By virtue of the request for clarification, submissions are required by both parties involved. SkyLink Express will have until September 16, 2022 to provide their submissions. Unifor will then have until October 3, 2022, to file a response. SkyLink Express then has until October 11, 2022 to file a reply to Unifor’s response.

SkyLink has filed their application requesting 90% of our members must fly in the event of a labour dispute. This, in the Union’s view, is delaying the parties from reaching a first collective bargaining agreement, and providing you – the membership – with improved working conditions.

Rest assured, your Unifor bargaining committee has, and will, continue to negotiate in good faith with SkyLink Express, and with the assistance of Mediator Kim Beemer in order to bring this process to a conclusion.

Thank you for your continued strength and solidarity.


In Solidarity,

Your Unifor Bargaining Committee
Andrew Henry, Bargaining Committee Member
Denise Cochrane, Assistant to the Local 2002 President
Bruce Snow, Unifor National Transportation Director


For more information, please contact: Denise Cochrane, Assistant to the Local President



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